Cold-Formed Metal Framing

Cold-formed steel framing is a durable, non-combustible, lightweight framing option that is ideal for use in low to mid-rise commercial construction projects. Typically cold-formed steel (CFS) framing refers to non-load bearing partition walls and other vertical and horizontal structural elements that are formed by repeating CFS framing members. The ability to construct these members efficiently in mass quantity ultimately saves on schedule, waste, and budget. 

What is cold-formed steel?

Cold-formed steel (CFS) components are metallic-coated steel sheets roll-formed into elements such as studs, joists, tracks, headers, and other components. Heat is not used in the manufacturing process to form the elements, hence cold-formed steel. These CFS elements can be manufactured at a variety of material thicknesses to meet a range of structural and non-structural applications. 

The Benefits of Cold-Formed Steel Framing

CFS is ideal for use in construction due to the durability of the material. Unlike other framing methods such as wood plank, CFS framing does not warp, will not absorb moisture, and is resistant to termites and fire. 

The physical properties of steel make the material ideal for environments where a significant amount of strength and ductility is necessary, such as high wind areas or areas susceptible to earthquakes. Additionally, CFS’s physical properties also mean that it does not take on moisture that typically causes framing to warp or buckle. Of significant cost savings to projects is the fact that CFS is also resistant to termites and fire that can result in high operating costs and insurances. 

 Furthermore, the manufacturing process of CFS framing assures a high level of consistency in the material improving overall project quality. Another benefit to the CFS manufacturing process is a significant reduction in on-site waste. Because installers are able to order CFS framing pieces cut and ready for installation, framing is done more quickly, with less waste. And should any material be trimmed or cutaway, steel is 100% recyclable for reuse. 

How Ironwood Utilizes CFS on the Construction Jobsite

Ironwood Commercial Builders Inc. construction team has extensive experience in installing CFS framing in a variety of project sizes and types. The Ironwood team efficiently manages ordering materials to maintain a productive construction schedule while minimizing on-site waste. 

Cold-formed steel framing’s manufacturing process allows for subcontracting teams to more simply integrate their work into the system. CFS framing is manufactured off-site with pre-punched holes to accommodate for mechanical, electrical and plumbing installation. It also fosters project team collaboration, allowing other trade members to successfully complete their scope of work.